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Transponder Key Problems and Solutions

When you have a car that uses a transponder key, you may fear the idea of something going wrong and your not being able to use it. It is a modern convenience that many motorists are unable to live without these days. Besides, most manufacturers are designing their cars so that only a transponder key can be used to operate the car. A transponder key has come a long was since the 80’s. Today, your transponder key is able to locate your car and even turn on the engine. However, in Azusa, CA at Azusa Quick Locksmith, we have certainly seen our fair share of problems with even this type of key. One of the problems we are called on to resolve is when the battery in the transponder key is no longer working. You have a serious problem to contend with when this occurs.

You can usually determine if there is a problem with the with its charge by paying attention to how often you have to press the button to activate its receiver. You might notice the key activation light come on but the system inside the car isn’t responding. The signal will eventually become shortened if the battery isn’t giving off enough power. This makes it harder to locate your vehicle. When this begins to occur, many motorists will simply ignore the fact that they have a problem. In most instances, they do not even suspect that it is a problem until they are completely unable to use their key to locate their car. We would suggest you seek out the services of your local Azusa locksmith to remedy this issue before it become inoperable.

The Actual Transponder

If you are one of those types of people who like to know how things actually work, you may be interested in knowing how your transponder works. It is derived from using a transponder and transmitter together. It communicates with a radio signal located inside your car by electro-magnetic waves. Manufacturers use it because the signal is able to transmit through physical objects, like other cars in the parking structure. The electro-magnetic waves are encoded when programmed to provide a special message that will unlock the car door. It is similar to the process for opening up emails when a password is used.

Today, the transponder key can do far more than they did in the past, as was mentioned earlier. They can adjust your lights, air and heating system, and even activate your car alarm. It isn’t surprising that they have come as far as developing them to use as an application on your smartphone. The only downside to this level of convenience is that it will depend on the satellites in the area, which can be interrupted by various weather conditions or technical issues. When a electromagnetic transponder equipment is used, these problems do not exist an this is why they will always be available to motorists. There are more high-end types, which are often found in high-end vehicles.

Replacing a Transponder Key

Another problem you might run into with your transponder key is rather simple, it could be stolen from you or you might have lost it. In either instance, you would certainly want to take fast and immediate action. Since you don’t know if the key was stolen from you, you risk someone stealing your car. Even though it isn’t typically easy for someone to steal a car when you have a transponder key, as long as they have it in their possession, they can steal it. It’s time to call a locksmith. Azusa Quick Locksmith offers 24-hour mobile servicing and is happy to come to your aid when this happens to you. You might initially think about contacting a mechanic to come and remedy the situation. However, we assure you that when you rely on a local locksmith, they will get there in a hurry, and will have all of the equipment that is needed to get you another transponder key. If you’re still not convinced that you should rely on a locksmith for your transponder key needs, perhaps the following will convince you.

Save Time & Money

Just think about it. If you want a mechanic to make you a new key, you’ll have to spend money having your car towed to your mechanic. A locksmith can generally come to wherever you are and program a new transponder key for you on the spot.


If your transponder key is missing, you’re already at a disadvantage. It is an inconvenience because you can’t just hop in your car and go. Locksmiths try to eliminate some level of your frustration by coming to your location to service your needs. Most act with a sense of urgency because they realize that if you’re calling them, the situation was unexpected. It is likely that they want your business and will respond in a way that warrants your offering it to them.


If you have your car towed to a car dealership or mechanic, they might take advantage of you because they realize the predicament that you are in. They may upcharge you simply because of the overhead they have to cover. When you depend on a mobile locksmith, there is no overhead. You are charged a flat rate to program a new key. You don’t usually have to worry about a reputable locksmith taking advantage of your vulnerability.

If you have a car with a transponder key or are considering purchasing a new car that requires a transponder key, these are a few things you might want to keep in mind. While you may be opposed to the idea of this type of key for fear that it might be more problematic than it’s worth, we can tell you that the benefits of a transponder key outweigh the disadvantages. While problems do arise from time to time, it is not something that occurs regularly. If it does, chances are you have a bad transponder that simply needs to be replaced.